Convergence sessions, our top picks!


We’re just as excited as you are about heading to Convergence 2015 this year, so much so, all of our prep work is done, and it’s not even March! Outside of being by far one of the most fun events on the Microsoft calendar of events, Convergence typically sets the stage for what to expect over the coming year, and is where most of the latest and greatest advancements in the Dynamics product suites are announced.

This year’s sessions are different, in that there seem to be a lot more in the way of personal and leadership development workshops from the Dale Carnegie Institute, as well as sessions to help people in consulting careers further their practice. As veterans to Convergence, we’re setting our sights, and listing out all of our favorite picks this year. Take a look and if you attend, be sure to swing through our booth, and let us know what you thought! We’ll be in Booth 1759, giving away some pretty sweet shwag, massages, and holding a drawing for a special prize!

CS15B004: Dale Carnegie: Insight leadership

Leaders tap into the power of human potential. They accept that they alone don’t have all the answers, customer knowledge, and new ideas needed to move an organization forward. The innovation process moves a leader through the steps necessary to turn vision into reality. This process applies where innovation and better methods of doing things are needed. After attending this session, you will be able to identify and encourage idea fluency and facilitate processes that move from possibilities to realities.

CS15X010: The cloud: Moving Microsoft Dynamics and more to the cloud

You have a Microsoft Dynamics solution and you’ve heard about Azure and the cloud. But what does it mean? What is the benefit for you, an existing customer? You have the opportunity to help save time, resources and money along with adding remote capabilities for your company. Attend this session to learn more about this opportunity and then open up a dialogue with your partner about how to proceed with this exciting venture!

CS15A017: Microsoft Dynamics AX: Software development best practices

In this session, we will cover some recommended practices about how to develop software in general, and on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform in particular. We will discuss object-oriented concepts, how to use software patterns, and best practices that you should follow in your development.

FC150002: Fireside Chat with Dan Brown, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Corporation

CS15C311-R1: Customer engagement on social channels: Manage social accounts and stay in touch with your customers on Twitter and Facebook

Feeling social? Come to this session to learn everything you want to know about offerings on engagement from Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’15. The new capabilities will enable your customer care teams to collaborate in managing Twitter and Facebook accounts and stay in touch with your customers on the social web.

CS15T001: Becoming a digital business: Decoding the cloud-first, mobile-first enterprise journey

You’ve heard about how businesses are transforming as a result of the mobile-first, cloud-first world. How will you embark on this journey? Who will lead? How will you shape your d-business strategy? Join Microsoft enterprise strategy leaders to decode the digital transformation journey and deconstruct specific examples of successful, impactful business innovation.

CS15A037: From small data to big data to predicting the future: How services firms can use Microsoft BI solutions with Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM to gain a competitive advantage

One of the major benefits of any software solution is the ability to make better decisions based upon the data gathered. In other words, turning all that data into knowledge that you can use to drive your business forward. During this session, you will see first-hand key advancements Microsoft has made to the BI solutions and how they are helping firms in professional services and architecture/engineering/construction gain deeper business insights, operational efficiencies and a competitive advantage.