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Over the past 5 years, one of the key advancements in technology has been the popularization of Cloud Computing. With Microsoft’s Windows Azure solution, the near immediate return on investment is attainable to a much larger audience. Be it a customized database, or a mission critical, big data solution, we can help Cloud deploy your solution. With expertise in not only application architecture, but infrastructure services, our team can help build a cloud strategy that secures and capitalizes on your investment. Talk to us now, let’s execute your vision.


SevaCloud platform

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99% Financially backed uptime

Cutting edge security practices, and best in class infrastructure.

Pay-As-You Go Subscription based model

Save money, pay for what you use.

Fully managed infrastructure

No backups to run, no firewalls to configure, we’ll do it all.

Functional Support during your business hours

Posted a transaction incorrectly? Call us, 365 days a year, 24hrs a day.

Why SevaCloud?

Build a world class data center

With Windows Azure, you can build a world class data center, for a fraction of the cost, not just on Microsoft technologies, Windows Azure supports Linux, and most open source tools also, and provides you the ability to manage them with tools you’re already familiar with.

Subscription Based

The SevaCloud platform allows organizations to more strategically allocate operating capital, by providing the Windows Azure solution, backed by a fully comprehensive Managed Services offering via a subscription model. Starting at $39 per user per month, not only does a subscription basis provide the ability to scale according to your usage, but, you also receive free upgrades, as future releases to your technology stack are available. Curious to see how much you save? The proof is in the math, run through our ROI calculator, and contact a solution advisor today for more information.

Gain key insights into your data

Azure provides managed SQL and NoSQL data services and built-in support for gaining insights from your data. Leverage the full power of SQL Server in the cloud and use HDInsight to build Hadoop clusters to analyze data. Our Business Intelligence Practice will not only build the infrastructure, but will design your data strategy from the ground up, to provide you key insights into the performance of your organization.

Build Modern Applications

Build and deploy a wide variety of modern applications for Android, iOS, and Windows that take full advantage of the cloud—including web, mobile, media and line-of-business solutions. Automatically scale up and down to meet any need. Some of the world’s largest brands have partnered with us to build their solutions for them leveraging Windows Azure. Find out, why our team is best aligned to execute your vision.

SevaCloud Consulting Services

Our team has worked with some of the world’s largest and most visible brands, customizing and consulting the Microsoft solution stack for over 15 years. Let’s talk about how we can build your custom solution in Windows Azure.

Curious to know how much will you save? Try our ROI calculator.

What is Windows Azure?

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing platform. Designed with scalability in mind, Windows Azure provides Platform, Infrastructure, and Data Services back with the peace of mind of a 99.9% financially backed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Azure is the only major cloud platform ranked by Gartner as an industry leader for both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). This powerful combination of managed and unmanaged services lets you build, deploy, and manage applications any way you like for unmatched productivity.


Need to see the math? Take a closer look with our ROI Calculator.

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