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The key to successful business is the ability for an organization to map and automate it’s processes. While many organizations are heavily invested in their processes, the key to gaining operational efficiencies, is to automate core business processes, and to scale out. SharePoint provides organizations to do exactly that. Right out of the box, SharePoint provides the ability for members of your work force to share, and collaborate documents in a safe, and secure manner, report on business data, and create workflows to automate your processes, without the bottle neck of IT implementing a customized solution.

Leading the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 8 years running, Microsoft SharePoint is not only the best in class Collaboration solution, but has also provided Content Management capabilities to some of the world’s most visible, highly available websites, Hawaiian Airlines, Kraft Recipes, to name a few. With built in content approval, document libraries, and a host of other capabilities, SharePoint is a highly complex, and customizable platform, which, when engineered properly can empower an organization’s business processes immensely.

At SevaCloud, we started our organization as Arizona’s leading SharePoint consulting firm, as such, our experience with this technology is not only deep, but it’s in our DNA.


Our Portals and Collaboration Practice recognizes the value of scalability in architecture, and performance as a holistic practice. We not only deliver site infrastructure that focuses on content findability, and usability, but as part of our execution process, we diligently carry out a thorough capacity planning exercise, to ensure that when the rubber meets the road, the solution will run, and scale to meet your business’s growing needs.


At SevaCloud, we truly believe that  solution’s success relies as heavily on the implementation, as it does on how well it is integrated, not only in your existing technology solutions, but how the solution is integrated into business processes. Our implementation methodologies focus on providing a holistic approach at customer focused delivery to build business process integration into every project we implement.


The SevaCloud methodology is unique, and blends best practices provided by the Microsoft SureStep methodology, with SevaCloud’s own proprietary Software Development Lifecycle. As part of our analysis process, our team forms a partnership with the various business stakeholders to build prototypes, and blue prints for the solution before we start any implementation. Our SharePoint projects are known for client focused collaboration from the ground on up.

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